Trusted Authority Summit Q&A

What’s different about the Summit?

It’s completely contrarian.

It is the opposite of what you are probably used to experiencing when you attend events that you aren’t intimately familiar with.

There is no preaching, no repeat of what everyone else is talking about, and what you’ll be discovering is a completely new way to position yourself and your business, as a Trusted Authority.®

(Fyi, a Trusted Advisor is what you are after the sale, a Trusted Authority — a “category-of-one”, is what you must become before the sale).

Will it be a typical, impersonal large event, where I’m just a number in a large seminar room?

Absolutely not. It will be a small group of less than 35 business advisors and transitional executives who will be allowed to attend.

We reject many applicants (even if they want to pay the enrolment fee), who are not business advisors or are “tire kickers”, not serious about re-positioning themselves and their business for growth.

This will be an intimate, high-impact intensive experience, that will lift you away from your day-to-day “juggling” of tasks, so you can finally think strategically, for a full day, about how to effectively differentiate your advisory business from everyone else in your market place.

Why is this event so timely and crucial that I attend?

Simple facts: the business advisory/consulting market has been completely commoditised, pushing consulting fees down to their lowest levels ever – with no barrier of entry for anyone with a resume, claiming to be an expert in their field – using online “smoke and mirrors”.

In this new economy, you need to have a rock-solid growth strategy that rises above the “noise” noise in your market place, so you aren’t on the back foot, waiting for clients to fall into your lap.

(You’ll be waiting a long time, if you aren’t positioned as a Trusted Authority)

What can I expect to learn and how will it unlock new client opportunities?

You will learn sophisticated strategies to identify your ideal client and the precise messaging they need to hear from you so they “resonate” with you (instead of you having to sell and promote yourself).

You will discover how to tap into your own genius, so you can finally understand your true value – so you are never under-paid again.

You will create breakthroughs that will stop you from ever having to “chase” potential clients for the engagement or having to do extensive “free consulting”.

You will have 100% clarity on how to differentiate yourself and your business so you can’t be compared to others claiming to be as good you.

(Above is only a very small sampling of the transformation you’ll experience at the Summit)

Will I be pressured to sign up for something if I attend?

There is absolutely no sales offer at the end of the Summit, that’s my personal guarantee. I very strongly believe in investing in people and under no circumstances will any offer be made to you at, or after the Summit.

If at some point you would like to inquire about working with us, then it’s If at some point you would like to inquire about working with us, then it

Will there be networking opportunities with the Summit attendees?

Definitely, in fact, many of our attendees end up with highly-paid engagements by collaborating with other advisors they meet at the Summit.

I don’t have the time now to commit to attending, why should I make this a priority?

If you’re a non-profit business and you have no interest in earning a higher income, then you should not make this a priority.

If you have an ambitious flame burning inside of you, if you feel you are not fully monetising your years of hard-earned business experience, then nothing is more important that you immediately attending the next Summit.

How does your philosophy and approach differ from everyone else?

We operate as a trust-based firm. We won’t chase you, try to sell to you, or do anything in any manner that would make you feel uncomfortable.

Come with an open mind and a willingness to observe, learn and implement.