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How To Become The Trusted Authority® In Your Market!

How To Become The Trusted Authority® In Your Market!

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Discover How To Become the Trusted Authority® In Your Market, To Create A Predictable And Consistent Flow Of New High-Quality/High-Net Worth Clients – BASED ON TRUST!








According to “marketing experts”, if you don’t have a funnel that generates a high volume of leads at the top, then you won’t have enough new clients coming out the bottom.

That funnel has been the primary mode for lead-generation for years, and it’s the only way advisors have been taught to approach and invest in their lead-generation efforts.

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Funnel marketing worked reasonably well until two to three years ago, but it’s been failing ever since.

Here’s why:

1. Everyone is using it (principle #1, in marketing, do the opposite of the majority)

2. It requires you to generate a huge number of leads at the top of the funnel (most are unqualified); then you have to waste your time in dead-end meetings with unqualified prospects who “need to think about it.”

3. You’re in a low-volume/high-margin business, not in a high-volume/low-margin business (see #2).

4. It forces you to “fish” in the wide-open seas of social media, hoping a “whale” will swim by and you’ll catch it (principle #2, hopeium is not a successful strategy)

5. It locks you into a middle-man lead-generation provider who is serving other advisors at the same time as you, giving you similar leads (you relinquish control of your ability to generate your own leads, a dangerous and risky position to be in)

What’s the answer?

Fish out of your own pre-made “ponds” that already contain your high-networth/high-quality potential clients – by becoming a trusted authority.

Trusted authorities:

1. Know they should not be visible to everyone, only to their ideal clients

2. Know their time is extremely valuable, even 30 minutes with an unqualified lead is a massive waste of time (time is a non-renewable resource).

3. Don’t follow the majority, they create their own inbound systematic, high-quality lead flows that only bring in their ideal client.

4. Consider a sales conversion rate of less than 50% a failure. They expect 100%, because they’re only talking with high-net worth prospects.

5. Swap the funnel model with their own “cylinder” model, bringing in only pre-targeted opportunities that fit their ideal profile.

When you fish out of the ponds that contain only your ideal clients, you spend much less time, money, and energy weeding out non-ideal prospects who end up being tire kickers.

The sooner you make the decision to become a trusted authority to your ideal client market, the faster you’ll be able to focus your time, energy, and money bringing in only your ideal clients, eliminating the waste of attracting everyone else.

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Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and is one the most sought-after sales conversion experts for Financial Advisors.

He is the creator of Unlock The Game®, a completely new revolutionary sales approach that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today.

Ari has been featured in CEO Magazine, SkyNews, Forbes, INC Magazine and the Australian Financial Review.

His newest book, “Trusted Authority”, has become an instant best-seller among Financial Advisers worldwide.

With clients in over 35 countries, his global sales systems have become the most successful Trust-Based Selling systems of our time.

In a day and age where technology rules the selling world, for many growth-oriented advisors, deep trust has taken a “back seat” to the sales process.

Ari’s personal insights on how to build trust between buyers and sellers continue to break new ground in the financial services industry.

Ari has been on a mission for the last two decades to change the financial services world through trust.

Through his sold-out talks all over the world and his in-house trainings for high-producing advisors, Ari has become the global ambassador to businesses all over the world.

He regularly connects with global business icons and leaders of industries seeking his counsel on how to infuse trust in their organisations and across their teams.

Ari is a true “disruptor” in the financial services industry.He has been endorsed by legendary sales mentors like Brian Tracy who said: “Ari Galper’s trust-based selling approach is the greatest sales breakthrough in the last 20 years”.

His work in the trust-based selling field, focusing on reversing control of the sales process, from buyer to seller, is considered category-of-one thinking, with over a two decades of proven execution and results.

Ari’s sales growth consulting firm has a growing waiting list of financial advisors wanting access to his unique Trusted Authority lead generation models and sales conversion strategy advice.

Ari is also the author of “Lessons From Toby”, a special book about his son Toby who has Down Syndrome, who has made a major impact on Ari’s approach to teaching authenticity and trust in his Trust-Based Selling approach.

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